About Angela Wrahtz


watercolor with acrylic marbling

watercolor with pen & ink

Mixing it up with water media.

I'm Angela Wrahtz, artist and instructor.

Thank you for visiting my page. I am an artist who loves creating mixed media / water media artworks. Always trying new things and sharing what I've learned along the way. I paint primarily with watercolors; however, I can't seem to stop myself from adding pen and ink, or marbling, or collage to spice it up. I paint and teach all kind of subject matter from florals and fruits to landscapes and colorful critters (and pets.) My classes are fun for students who are realists and patient with detail or, on the opposite side of the spectrum, where things are messy, loose, fast for the impatient and spontaneous. Interestingly, my students come into class being who they are and wanting to try a little of what their friends are doing on the opposite side. I like to stretch myself artistically and ask my students to do the same without it being scary or stressful. Many of my students have become quite good artists. So proud of them! Join me.

I am delighted at the recognition my painting "Floral Laughter" received at the September 2019 KAA Watercolor Show.  I was was thrilled to learn that not only had judge Carol Hausser chosen my work to received the Best of Show Award, but in addition the people attending the exhibition voted for me to win the coveted People's Choice Award, meaning not only did the judge like my painting best of all, but so did the show-goers. It's overwhelming and wonderful to be recognized this way. Thank you everyone.