How Zoom classes work

Zoom is a popular videoconferencing system we’ll use for presentations, painting demos, paint along with Angela, and critiques. Students will have access to download a video file of the painting demo to refer to so they can paint along at home at their own pace.

Prior to class:

  • Students register with Eventbrite. Registration for the class will close 1-hour before class begins. Registration is encouraged to take place at least 3 days prior to class so that the student will have time to organize their supplies (colors of paint, etc.) and to get their drawing transferred onto their paper.

  • Upon receiving registration notification, Angela will email supporting handouts including the inspiration piece, photo reference materials, and a traceable drawing (usually in the form of a black and white value study)  along with a link to join the Zoom video art class.

  • Students review the handouts and trace down drawing for the project onto their paper. (See below for more info.)

  • Students get familiar with Zoom. You are not required to have a Zoom account to use the Zoom platform. Entering a Zoom class is fairly easy; however, students are responsible for knowing how to log into Zoom. Be sure to test this before the first session to make sure your video and audio settings are ready to go. has tutorials to help you understand what to do. If you have access to a young person doing Zoom classes for education, they are a valuable resource to practice with.

  • Check out additional information about using Zoom and helpful links to online resources for using Zoom here.


During Class:

  • Students are asked to “mute” their audio during demonstrations

  • Ask questions; follow along; have a GREAT time.


After class:

  • Please post your artwork to our private art group on Facebook at “Angela’s Art House”. Go to Facebook search bar and enter: “Angela’s Art House.”  After a student registers for class,  Angela will send you and “invitation to join” this group (which is totally optional for you) . If  you “accept” you will find this is a great place to share your work and keep up the art dialogue with others from class.

  • Send any questions or comments to Angela at her email at If there was something you felt was especially successful about your experience, please share that with me. It’s good to know what is going well! If there is something that you think could be improved, would love to hear about that too!

  • Sign up for more Zoom art classes with Angela at Eventbrite.

  • Tell your friends.


Tracing down your drawing:

  • The documents I send prior to our class will be PDF format for an 8.5” x 11” original.

  • The black-and-white handout with art on it will be either a line drawing for you to trace or a value study that you can convert to a traceable by putting it on a light table or window.

  • If you don’t have a light table or window to tape the drawing to, you can use a carbon underneath your traceable with the “dirty side” down toward your good paper. You draw onto your value study along the edges of the shapes in the picture (or you go over the lines of the drawing if it is a straight up drawing) and press gently through the carbon to reveal lines on your good paper.

  • Since the drawings I send out are 8.5 x 11, they will fit nicely onto either a 9 x 11 sheet from an Arches watercolor pad or if you are using “Quarter Sheets” (11 x 15) which are cut down from full sheets (22 x30), you may wish to increase the size of your traceable to fill up your paper. The way to do this is to cut your drawing in half and enlarge each side of it 135-140% on your printer. Then tape both enlargements together for a perfect enlargement for your paper. Kinko’s or other copy services can also assist if that works better for you.

  • In some cases, I will send the two pieces of the enlargement for you to print and tape together in the middle to create your traceable.