What students are saying...

"You are a wonderful teacher. You made me stretch beyond what I thought were my limitations. I now have a better appreciation of watercolor painting thanks to you and your classes." --Bob C.

"I just want to tell you that you are one of the brightest spots ever in my life.  I so enjoyed being in your watercolor classes.  I know it was a God-happening!" --Ann H.

"Thank you for making my artwork possible. I feel whole again.” --Anne S.

"You asked what we thought of today's class -- in a word, amazing!  I'm learning more than I ever thought possible, often in spite of myself.   Even when I initially don't like what I'm doing or the results, I just need to keep going.  Seems that art is like humans, we all go through an awkward adolescent phase." --Susan B.

"I have found a new lease on life creating art by going to Angela's classes. I am 68 and was an art major my entire scholastic life. Art gets put on hold raising children. Upon retirement I luckily found one of the best teacher of my life in Angela. I am focusing on the one medium, watercolor and feel heavily invested and tremendously gratified. I would not continue to grow and challenge myself without Angie."--Carol B.