• Angela Wrahtz

Winter Watercolor Classes

We may not want to drive in snow, but there is something romantic about mountains with snow capped peaks, mist in the hills, snowflakes falling...

We begin 2019 with art projects that attempt to capture that romantic landscape we associate with winter. The pretty side of Jack Frost. It's a great opportunity to use wet-into-wet technique and explore the possibilities of added "white" in the form of some opague options we add to our palette.

We progress from there to create landscapes which are re-imagined in the life of animals...wildlife inside the winter landscape. Bird on branches and bears a-prowling. When I say "re-imagined," I am thinking about inner and outer landscapes, some contrived and concocted in the fertile mind. Here's an opportunity to take two ideas and blend them into one coherent piece of art that is whimsical and a twist on our subject.

Just as we are tiring of the cold and gray of January and February, our art will take us in the direction of spring and rebirth as it expresses itself in nature around us. March will have us looking at mixing greens and considering botanical subjects because how can we not? It is the perfect set up for the full on explosion of color that is coming in April and May.

You can prepare for January and February classes by thinking about animals you may wish to render/paint. For example, if you've always had a thing for squirrels, this is your chance to dig up some good reference photos to bring and put on the light table to draw down. If you love birds, pick one you'd like to paint and bring in reference material that inspires you. I will have project ideas for the class (I've got red cardinals perched on bare tree branches in the snow), but you may prefer your own special subject matter. Next, for our conceptual take on interior/exterior landscapes and the blending of two images when we use another animal as a basis for expressing an idea, begin to think of what "other" image you'd like to interweave with your special animal. I have a grizzly bear, but you may want a fish or otter or what?

Here's a pic from Pinterest to give you a jumping off point. In this art piece (I believe it is digital original and created in the computer), the artist has flipped the idea of "the bird in the trees" and has put "the trees in the bird." Clever, yes? What ideas can you come up with?

Bird in flight with profile of trees and branches in the wings.