Signing up for art classes is easy.

If you'd like to take a class with Angela, you can register in these ways:

1) Sign up and pay at

A link will be available next to the dates for the classes which are available. Just click and go to Eventbrite to buy your "ticket."

Intermediate+ Level Classes are sold as a "2 Class series" on one project for $50 plus small handling fee to Eventbrite.

Beginning Watercolor Painting classes are sold as a "4-Class series" around one or two projects that are manageable in one month's time for $99 plus a small handling fee.

Eventbrite will communicate with me about your payment and I will send you class materials.

2) Send your registration payment via PayPal: 

You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal. This online payment company is safe and will facilitate you using your credit card if you prefer. If you register via PayPal, a 2-class series for $50 will have a $5 surcharge to cover fees charged by PayPal. The 4-Class series for $99 will have a $9 surcharge to cover fees.

If you choose this method, please send your tuition to "Angela Wrahtz Studio" and be careful of the spelling of the name! You can use this link:

Also please make a note in the comment box about which class you are signing up for. Thank you!


3) Send your registration payment via Venmo:


Possibly the best option, Venmo is a partner company to PayPay and is pretty much a safe and popular Smartphone app.  The main benefit here is convenience through your phone and NO EXTRA FEES if you account is linked to your bank (versus a credit card.) In other words, the 2-class series is $50 and the 4-class series is $99. 


A word about Venmo...young people use this app a lot and seem to have no concerns about sharing their payment history on the app. Probably that facilitates communication about groups paying back individuals who upfront money for a ride share or whatever. You don't have to be transparent with Venmo. You can make your settings private. I use Venmo all the time and no one sees my payments. 


Find me on Venmo as "Angela Wrahtz". If you use this method, please  make a note as to which class you are signing up (indicate class dates). Thank you!

4. Cash/check for In-Studio (in person) classes.

For established students who come to my studio for classes, I accept cash/check payments for tuition. I need a firm RSVP to hold your spot since these are limited.