Monday Classes

at Angela's Home Studio & Classroom

in Tualatin, OR    97062


By invitation only, Monday classes in Tualatin are a more advanced series of classes for established students and take place in Angie's home Studio in Tualatin.


If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact Angie directly for availability at 503-705-9193.

Upcoming Monday Classes:


APR:         13 &27

MAY:         11 

JUN:           8 & 22

JUL:          6 & 7 and 13 & 27

AUG:        10 & 11

SEP:          14 & 28

OCT:         12 & 26

NOV:         9 & 10 and 16 & 30

DEC:          14 & 15

NOTES on attendance and emergencies:

Dates are planned but subject to change without notice in case of emergency. In such case, credit will be given for making up class if you preregistered/prepaid. Updates will be available when possible through email notifications and/or text. If you have questions, contact Angela at 503-705-9193 (ok to text this number.) 


If you are an established student, some consideration may be given for makeups in case of emergency with prior notice to instructor. Otherwise, because of the popularity of these classes and because there are a limited number of spaces in class (meaning other students may have been turned away in order to reserve your space with a pre-registration), class policy is that missed classes will not receive credit toward a makeup in a future class.