Supplies List for Art Class with Angela:

  • Watercolor paper. Recommend Arches 140 lb cold pressed or Fabriano 140 lb cold pressed; however, if you’re on a budget, choose the best paper you can afford but not less than 90lb weight or the paper will fight you all the way. Best to get is a pad from Arches 9 x 12 which will allow you to fit your drawing into the center and also tape off a white border if that appeals to you. ( I always paint to the edge of my paper using every square inch for painting.) Arches pads are fairly affordable at about $15 for 15 sheets.

  • Several watercolor brushes. I mostly use round brushes. You’ll want a small (#2), a medium sized (#8 or #10) and a larger brush (#12 or bigger). If you have a 1” or 2” flat wash brush, that is extremely useful as well.

  • As with paper, there is a big difference in types of paint. If you’re on a budget, student grade paints will work. If you can afford professional level paints, I recommend M. Graham watercolors for their vibrancy and value pricing. Most basic colors would include: Azo Yellow; Quinacridone Rose; Naphthol Red; Ultramarine Blue; Hooker or Sap Green; Dioxizine Purple; Nickel Quinacridone Gold; Phthalocycline Green; Cerulean Blue; Peynes Gray; Burnt Sienna

  • Watercolor sketchbook for color testing & notetaking

  • A water-resistant board to tape your paper to

  • Painters (“blue” or “frog”) or artist’s tape (“neutral”) to tape your paper to board

  • Pencil and kneaded eraser

  • Water bucket and old towels or rags

  • Paper towel

  • For individual projects, I may add simple items to this list (i.e., salt, alcohol)

  • Access to a home printer is helpful to print the handouts I send you and to enlarge or down-size the drawing I’ve sent you to trace onto your paper.

If you go the the Merri Artist Art Store in McMinnville, Oregon, you will have the most delightful shopping experience by artists who own their own art supply store. Prices are great. Find my name and promo code on their website for 10% off.